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SteelFab 2016

SteelFab 2016

Newall will once again be exhibiting at SteelFab 2016 in the Sharjah Expo Centre UAE. The popular show runs every year and it will take place from the 17th to 20th January, 2016. The DRO system b...

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Newall Helps ESCO Achieve High Accuracy Under Harsh Conditions
Newall Helps ESCO Achieve High Accuracy Under Harsh Conditions

Newall Measurement Systems Ltd has been supplying Esco (Switzerland), specialist manufacturer of automatic turning lathes, with their MHG-TT inductive linear encoders for over five years. Machines built by Esco are predominantly used in medical, automotive, tool-making and electronics industries all around the world. Esco, based in Les Geneveys, have designed a special coil feed system that enables their machines to occupy less floor space compared to machines fitted with traditional bar feeders. Unlike other similar machines, on Esco machines the work piece remains fixed, while the cutting tools are turning around the piece. These specific design features enable Esco machines to machine parts as small as 0.2 mm diameter, up to 12 mm very rapidly and accurately.

The industries that Esco are serving require the utmost precision and round-the-clock operation. Therefore Esco have turned to Newall for their linear encoder requirements.

 “During the machining operation, there is a lot of coolant and swarf build-up inside the machine and therefore the linear encoders we use must be able to cope with such harsh conditions whilst ensuring very high accuracies. We never considered using glass scales, as these would simply be unsuitable for an application like ours. MHG encoders from Newall are easy to install, highly accurate and never cause us any problems during machine operation.” says Chief Mechanical Design Engineer for Esco.

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